Monday, November 10, 2008

Rolling Stone Snags the Exclusive

Rolling Stone and writer David Fricke have been awarded the exclusive rights to review the pre-release of Chinese Democracy.

Other mainstream media outlets have received advance listening copies of the disc but are gagged until November 15.

Here's an excerpt. You can read the full review here.
And at the end of the album, on the bluntly titled "Prostitute," Rose veers from an almost conversational tenor, over a ticking-bomb shuffle, to five-guitar barrage, orchestral lightning and righteous howl: "Ask yourself/Why I would choose/To prostitute myself/To live with fortune and shame." To him, the long march to Chinese Democracy was not about paranoia and control. It was about saying "I won't" when everyone else insisted, "You must." You may debate whether any rock record is worth that extreme self-indulgence. Actually, the most rock & roll thing about Chinese Democracy is he doesn't care if you do.
Rolling Stone

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