Friday, April 16, 2010

Europe '10

May 31 - Bergen, Norway
June 2 - Oslo, Norway
June 5 - Helsinki, Finland
June 6 - St. Petersburg, Russia
June 8 - Moscow, Russia
June 12 - Norje, Sweden
June 14 - Aalborg, Denmark

August 13 - Sturgis, SD
August 27 - Reading, UK
August 29 - Leeds, UK
August 31 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

September 1 - Dublin, Ireland
September 4 - Rome, Italy
September 5 - Milan, Italy
September 8 - Zurich, Switzerland
September 10 - Amnéville, France
September 13 - Paris, France
September 16 - Geneva, Switzerland
September 18 - Vienna, Austria
September 21 - Bucharest, Romania
September 23 - Belgrade, Serbia
September 24 - Zagreb, Croatia
September 27 - Prague, Czech Republic
September 30 - Antwerp, Belgium

October 2 - Lille, France
October 3 - Arnhem, Netherlands
October 6 - Lisbon, Portugal
October 9 - Madrid, Spain
October 10 - San Sebastian, Spain
October 13 - London, UK
October 14 - London, UK
October 17 - Birmingham, UK
October 18 - Manchester, UK
October 22 - Zaragoza, Spain
October 23 - Barcelona, Spain

December 1 - Townsville, Australia
December 4 - Sydney, Australia
December 7 - Adelaide, Australia
December 11 - Perth, Australia
December 16 - Abu Dhabi, UAE
December 18 - Tel Aviv, Israel
December 19 - Tel Aviv, Isreal

Events - Guns N' Roses


Adrian Harte said...
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Manets said...

Was it confirmed?

Mack Arillo said...

Is anything ever confirmed in Guns N' Roses land?

Manets said...

well no haha, but where did you take this dates from?

Anonymous said...

wherre can i find leaks? i need edemois to trade for the general and checkmate

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is true. Prague will rock hard!

Daniel said...

Of course it will. I'm gonna have a time of my life to a Prague concert!

Anonymous said...

September 1 will be Paris, France

Anonymous said...

@Anon above - I have edemoi

Anonymous said...

Mack. Have you heard anything about a new album coming this Summer?

Manets said...
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Mack Arillo said...

Manets - send me a message on twitter
@MackArillo, or email me at

Manets said...

got my message, mack?

Mack Arillo said...

I did.

Anonymous said...

Also apparently playing Graspop festival in Belgium on 26 June.

Anonymous said...

no france and no spain? strange

Anonymous said...

There's no Poland? They were here in 2006. I hope this list isn't true. In another case - Prague - I'm cooomin'! ;]

@Manets Dates are from poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/



Anonymous said...

GN'R is just too slow.

I find myself barely interested at this point, and I actually like Chinese Democracy.

One new album in nearly twenty years just isn't good enough. Especially when you wait over a year to start touring it. Plus, the way they confirm tour dates is fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The whole tour, as it's scheduled right now, seems just wierd to me. 13 days(!) before kick off and there's a gap of two and half months from the Aalborg-gig until Reading. If Aalborg is indeed the last show of the first leg, that seems just a tad weak for a band of GNR's status.

No major cities? Berlin, Paris, London, Manchester, Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon etc etc etc ?! Just seems totally wierd....

Hope they have something up their sleeve. Even if they are working on doing something in more major cities, they're cutting it kinda close if you ask me.... People have prolly planned their summer activities by now.

Adi said...

They've added a few more:
31 August: Odyssey Arena, Belfast
1 September: The O2, Dublin
8 September: Hallenstadion, Zurich
16 September: Geneva Arena, Geneva