Friday, September 4, 2009

Bumble Puts His Foot In His Mouth

A message from Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal regarding his comments in the i heart guitar interview:

Regarding the end of the interview about GN'R touring, it came off in the printed transcription to sound like I was citing the economy like some lame excuse...

"It’s just that when it comes to battling the economy ... there are so many variables that could make it not work."

I wasn't saying the sole reason GN'R hadn't toured was due to the economy, or the economy only - folks gotta read the whole sentence, up to where it ends with a period.

You know, the period. As in "I'm complaining about Ron's interview because I have my period."

There are "many variables that could make it not work."

In other words, as I've been telling everyone for years, I don't give any specific info about GN'R's business in my own personal interviews.

Don't ask Azoff about my guitar parts, don't ask me about GN'R's business.

The BumbleForum

This whole charade is pretty sad, and I actually feel bad for Ron who is a nice guy and a talented musician.

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Anonymous said...

wft, is ron now - the musician - being knocked on the head by a...manager?
Dude, don't over reasonate. To me it's not a charade, really. Axl wants to do it his way or no way. Corporate companies and managing are willing to fuck with axl because they want to do it their way. And that's it. I just don't know what implications in this matter are due from the exclusiveness best buy deal...

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, I think Ron's getting a little frustrated lol.

Anonymous said...

I would totally be frustrated if I were him...Either because nothing is going on, or because if something is going on I can't talk about it until it happens.

Wish GnR communicated on their plans, even if they don't happen in the end. It would at least reassure some of the fans...