Monday, September 21, 2009

Troy's Band: Lost Angels: Official Announcement

After months of negotiations, the lineup is intact and Lost Angels will officially be making their debut in India at the end of September.

Lost Angels features:

John Corabi (Motley Crue / The Scream / ESP / Ratt)
Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion / Pretty Boy Floyd / Hookers & Blow)
Eric Dover (Sextus / Alice Cooper / Slash's Snakepit / Jellyfish / Imperial Drag) and
Muddy Stardust (Burning Tree / LA Guns / Gilby Clarke)

and will be performing songs from the bands they are affiliated with as well as a Rock Tribute to Michael Jackson.

The promoters Andrew Ropmay in alliance with the Event Factory (Dimapur) are also in negotiations for the appearance of a very special guest.

"They are still working out details to have a former original member of Guns N' Roses join the band for 2 shows in India" stated US Based Agent and drummer Troy Patrick Farrell.

The band will also be visiting the Zion Hospital as well as a Music School to discuss the ups and down of being a working touring musician.

The dates are as follows:

September 29 DDSC Stadium Dimapur, India
October 3 JN Stadium Shillong, India

The official website is:


Anonymous said...

i'm betting dizzy reed ;)

Mack Arillo said...

Troy already said Dizzy couldn't play with them this time around.

I'm guessing it's none of them.

Anyway, he's going to announce it today.

Anonymous said...

I heard they didn't get paid for their gigs in India. They could have taken Andrew and fucked him good for the rest of their gigs in the tour - with free blowjobs for the band included at every venue to make up for the difference.

Todd said...

Yep.. heard the same thing about the gigs. A very sad thing to have happenned. I Hope something positive works out in the end. LA we love you.

Anonymous said...

Paid in Full, However I had to stay an extra day. Dimapur was a different promoter and did a great job. Shillong, another story. Again, Paid in Full, but it didn't go down as it was supposed to. tpf (lost angels)

Mack Arillo said...

Troy is the F!n' man.

Anonymous said...

It was a charity tour for children