Wednesday, May 12, 2010

STP Wasn't Meant to Get in the Way of Another VR Record

Tied to the Nineties

As Stone Temple Pilots return with their first album in nine years, Scott Weiland explains the difficulty of hauling himself out from under history's bootheels

Although the ill-fated Velvet Revolver provided a distraction for five and a half of the intervening years since Stone Temple Pilots' initial parting of ways in 2003, a subsequent stint in rehab and announcement of an STP reunion on the eve of an Australian tour brought about the eventual collapse of his union with Axl Rose's former compatriots in 2008, which the singer unceremoniously announced onstage in Glasgow during their last tour.

Today, Weiland is tactful and reticent in discussing the acrimonious – and very public – fallout. "I look back on it fondly and it’s a shame that it ended the way it did," he recalls. "STP wasn't meant to get in the way of another Velvet Revolver record. Slash and I were always straight with each other, and if it looked like there was going to be a reunion with Guns N' Roses to do festivals that summer, it wouldn’t have bothered me. I always thought that would have been a good idea."

With Velvet Revolver now firmly in the rear view, reconvening with the brothers DeLeo and Eric Kretz was "like having a family reunion," says Weiland.

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