Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SLASH: New, Live Album Available

Slash and his band will be recorded at Manchester Academy in Manchester, UK on July 3.

Abbey Road Live will be there to record the performance and have it mixed and mastered on-the-fly, specifically for delivery to CD – not to be confused with a "board" mix, which usually just involves plugging into the house sound console and taking their mix.

Each collectible disc set will be offered for $30 (£20) online at http://slashlive.sandbag.uk.com, or £20 at the show in Manchester.
Discs may either be picked up at the end of the show, or shipped home.

In addition to Slash and Kennedy, other band members that will be featured on the CD set include Bobby Schneck on guitar; Todd Kerns on bass and backing vocals; and Brent Fitz on drums.

Pre-sales for the CDs are happening now at http://slashlive.sandbag.uk.com, and sales will only continue until all 1200 CDs are sold.[/quote]


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