Friday, August 27, 2010

Axl Rose in onstage protest after Guns N' Roses arrive late at Reading Festival

Band run more than an hour over curfew

Guns N' Roses' Reading Festival set ended in chaos tonight (August 27), when the sound was cut after the band overran by more than an hour.

The band, led by Axl Rose, took to the stage over an hour after schedule, at 10:30pm (BST), to play their headline slot at the festival. Despite earlier warnings from festival organiser Melvin Benn that he would not tolerate the band playing past 11:30pm, they still managed to play the majority of their set until roughly midnight - when they walked offstage after playing 'Night Train'.

However, as the band tried to return for an encore, the sound was cut. Led by Rose, they still tried to launch into 'Paradise City', though only the drums could be heard as all other instruments had been switched off. As the crowd started to sing the track, Rose tried to greet members of the audience while singing through a megaphone - watch fan footage of the incident on the right now.

The band continued in this way for roughly five minutes, before finally coming together on the stage to bow and walk off.

Earlier in the day, Rose had tweeted: "Bkstage at Reading. Tour's ON! Our apologies 4 any inconvenience. Peace!"

However, he failed to apologise to the crowd for being late, and barely spoke to the audience during the gig. He received a hostile reaction from some parts of the crowd throughout the gig, with some booing after every song and repeatedly chanting, "What a twat".

Guns N' Roses played:

'Chinese Democracy'
'Welcome To The Jungle'
'It's So Easy'
'Mr. Brownstone'
'Richard Fortus Guitar Solo'
'Live And Let Die'
'This I Love'
'Rocket Queen'
'Dizzy Reed Piano Solo'
'Street Of Dreams'
'You Could Be Mine'
'DJ Ashba Guitar Solo'
'Sweet Child O' Mine'
'Instrumental Jam'
'Axl Rose Piano Solo'
'November Rain'
'Night Train'
'Paradise City' (with the sound cut)


Anonymous said...

i really hope axl is paying the band REALLY well to put up with his BS.

Anonymous said...

A very level-headed review/op ed:


Anonymous said...

If something good comes out from this week from hell, maybe Doc WILL GET FIRED! "... but w/out real management or industry presence is unfortunately beyond r control."

Full tweet:

"Don't know what it is w/us or these last 2 shows. Takes the fun out it 4 everyone fans, band n' crew alike but whatever. So u know, we allegedly had a deal in place pre show w/the city at least at Leeds to do a bit longer performance that was either miscommunication, someone wasn't informed, changed their mind, didn't care or was a con. Regardless the nonsense just seems so unnecessary but w/out real management or industry presence is unfortunately beyond r control. We hope the fans feel they got at least what they could from us under the circumstances as 4 us all things considered that's the main thing. The rest is filler. Anyway, enough rambling. Peace, thanks 4 understanding n' what we did manage to get done out there was a blast! The crowds n' fans were amazing!! And in r opinion (not that apparently it means much) u deserved better!! Thanks again!! Axl-"

and so now, Axl tweets from gunsnroses and not his own...what a fkn mess. And Jarmo was not a reading. Some1 fell outta grace?!...