Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dizzy Reed: "I Just Hope I Get the Call"

From a poster at Metal Sludge:
"First off....Dizzy & HNB were fucking awesome & Dizzy is just a way kewl dude. Very friendly guy.
@ the end of the gig 2nite, I helped Dizzy tear down his stuff & I asked these ?s....

" No chance of a will never happen..ever"

Did you play the piano parts on Prostitute, cuz I think its awesome & the best part of the record?
" I have no idea, what parts of mine made it to the final recording of CD. Im fairly certain the parts of Street Of Dreams did, other than that..."

Tour this year?
" He has plans & as far as Im told, There will be a tour this year & I just hope I get the call to do it"

Why did AXL just basically vanish after the release of CD?
" Who knows?...he doesnt even know."
My take on this (if it's true).

1. Not a shock. What else is new?
2. Very sad really.



Anonymous said...

"This is not a solo record", Axl said in "My homework assignment".

Naaaa. Of course not. The fact that dizzy doesn't even know which parts are his on the album, is in no way related to the fact that axl calls the shots in a context of hired musicians. If that's not a solo project, gosh, i really don't know what is...

Btw, this desperateness that always is underneath dizzy's statements is shocking. One would have thought that 17 years in Gn'R would give you some confidence, ha?

Really, i support axl all the way, but my patience is wearing thin as far as all the drama is concerned. Tired of all this, and I'm just a fan, imagine axl's feelings regarding all this shit.

Forget the reunion, ain't gonna happen, i would be happy enough to see axl & hired guns tour for a bit.


dilligaf said...

some one has to got to be taking the piss, seriously from a "poster" come on.

sad thing is it is kinda believable.