Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like a Lead Balloon


Taylor Swift Is #1 Again, As Animal Collective, Andrew Bird Sneak Into Top 20

"...Jam rockers Umphrey's McGee boogie in at #62 with their latest, Mantis (8,100). Meanwhile, the missile-like descent of Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy continues unabated, as the once eagerly awaited album will plunge nearly 25 spots to #75 on sales of 7,200 for a two-month total of just over half a million copies."

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Music IsMyLife said...

Chinese Democracy is a damn good album by a legendary band. It was worth the wait, imho. However, Mantis by Umphrey's McGee is an EXCEPTIONAL album by a band who hasn't even reached its prime. I'd be sure to check out Mantis by Umphrey's McGee - The band's live show is a spectacle not to miss, and this album is their crown jewel! Can't wait to see what else they put forth.

Mack Arillo said...

That's great about UMG - I'll definitely check Mantis out - thanks!

BTW - Music is my life too.

Anonymous said...

Life is all about Music and Painting!


Mack Arillo said...

CT, do you paint? One of these days I'm going to upload some of my artwork here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mack,

I do indeed paint. I love it. I'd love to see your artwork uploaded.

Do you paint, draw? What's your artistic medium?


Mack Arillo said...

Acrylics on canvas mostly. Abstract and Abstract Impressionism.

I have some pieces scanned in that I've been 'waiting for a rainy day' to put up.

I find painting to be very very relaxing.

I like to throw on Miles Davis' Pangaea and/or Agharta and then smoke a bowl and go wild with the paint.

Speaking of Ganja, it's been decriminalized here in Massachusetts!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! fantastic!! Acrylics on canvas for me as well!

I always paint, (depending on my mood), listening to everything from GN'R to the Sex Pistols to Sam Cook and Ray Charles and early Stevie Wonder to Metallica to Leonard Cohen to Queen and everything in between while polishing off a bottle of wine.

Painting and music go hand in hand. I paint all sorts of things, still life, to religious subject matter (I love the dramatic element in old religious paintings), to nature scenes.

I look forward to every moment in painting.