Tuesday, December 2, 2008

GN'R at #4

1 - KANYE WEST, 808S & HEARTBREAK [443,559]
3 - BEYONCE, I AM... SASHA FIERCE [254,555]
6 - KILLERS, DAY & AGE [189,970]


Mack Arillo said...

From Bob Lefstez's blog:

"Exclusives only seem to work at Wal-Mart.

Best Buy and Target are not Wal-Mart.

I hope Irving got big checks from Best Buy and Target. Because he ended up with anemic sales.

Chinese Democracy should have been given away at GM dealerships. Or even Toyota, that company's sales were off by a third in November.

So, do you want the money or the career?

Turns out taking the money isn't so great for your career. Axl Rose is gonna have the stink of the failure of Chinese Democracy on his back forevermore. His only option will be to reunite with the old gang and play the twenty year old material.

Hell, no one's really interested in the new music of old acts."

Anonymous said...

It might be somehow naíve, but really: i don't give a shit about being at #4. And really, i don't give a shit about axl not doing promotion on the album. As a matter of fact, i respect him more for it. It doesn't mean i wouldn't like to hear Axl on Chinese Democracy, to explain the whole thing and the last decade, but really...with all the shit going on at radios (music is just there between commercials, really), with all the shit musically speaking that is at #1 (beyoncé? lude kris? really? are you talking music?!!!!), i think we're much better off out of this mess.

To mix music (chinese democracy) with mass dominated flavour and polls decided tracks (the rest of them...), i'd rather not see the scenary.


Mack Arillo said...

I don't want or expect Axl Rose to appear on talk shows or "the morning news," but how about a music video, or at least a press release/statement?

Oh yeah, most bands actually tour in support of their music. Why no tour? No video?

Anonymous said...

indeed, mack, you're right, but video+touring is not what Bob is refering to...

I'd expect axl to tour (fuck, just as he did before the album was even out for 2005 and 2006!) - it's creative expression and the least he could do for the fans that have been loyal throughout the years. I think Axl doesn't channel emotions through music and have at least some kind of pleasure from it anymore. It's pure pain for him. As for the shows on tour, it's now legendary his uneasiness with it.

As for no videos...mack, i find it really really weird, because we all know how Axl has been obsessed into streaming music into visual format - remember budget for Don't Cry, November Rain and the goddamn dolphins in the Estranged video?! I think it's a powerplay by Axl: maybe the label doesn't want to give him money he wants to do a video like Axl thinks should be done. I think.

However, Axl missing for 2 months...it's not new, is it? It's all a mess, as usual. You'd suppose the guy would feel more comfortable when the album got out. Unpredictable, once again. And, therefore, nothing new.


Axl Rose's IQ said...

"Chinese Democracy" failed commercially because Axl tried to put one over on the audience. In the 21st Century, the audience has way too much access to information to be fooled.

Anonymous said...

All the fans should care about (regarding sales) is that the sales are good enough, by the record labels standards, to warrant another Guns N' Roses release. That's it.....who cares if GN'R go platinum or are #1?

Not me!


Anonymous said...

Kanye's follow-up is due in a couple of weeks, Taylor's is already out, Beyonce is recording hers (originally planned for 2010) and giving updates to the press, Luda put out a follow-up and has another on the way. As for the killers, Brandon Flowers put out a solo album in 2010 (which hit #1) and said that he saved one song, "an ace," for the next Killers album due in 2013.

Axl hasn't said anything. :(