Monday, December 8, 2008

The Untold Story of Hollywood Rose

While doing some research on Hollywood Rose for Saturday's post, I discovered drummer Johnny Kreis' Hollywood Rose website.

Not only does it have some amazing photos - yes, that's Izzy Stradlin front and center in the above picture - it also answers a lot of questions about a band who's story really has not been told.

Johnny says the band existed from 1981-1984 and describes how he met Axl and Izzy. He even sheds a little light on Axl's recording methods which should sound familiar to many of you.

Quoted below are some of the original reviews of Hollywood Rose from back in the day.

"Bills Voice Is Unique ... He's Gonna Get Signed"

"The Double-Bass Drum Madness of Mickey Mouse on Speed"

"Senseless Heavy Metal Roaring and Ripped-Off ZZ Top Guitar Riffs"

"A drag race between a F-14 Tomcat in full afterburner racing a fully restored Yugo, or ingesting mass quantities of speed and telling yourself to just sit quietly in a round room without windows"


Johnny Kreis' Untold Story
Johnny Kreis' MySpace

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