Friday, December 5, 2008

Slash Solo Disc to Feature Ozzy & Fergie

Slash's wife, Perla, told celebrity entertainment site Rockerrazzi, "It's going to be Slash and Friends, with everyone from Ozzy to Fergie.”

She also echoed her husband's recent positive reaction to former band Guns N' Roses new album Chinese Democracy, which was released on [November 23].

"He feels great about it. It's long-awaited," she said. "Our kids like it but they also like Elmo, so that goes without saying."

Earlier this month, Slash said he was “glad” the band were finally releasing the album. “It's good to hear Axl's voice again. That's what's cool,” he added.

Slash's solo album is due to be released in 2009.



Anonymous said...

This is the best GN'R site on the web!! Thanks Mack!!!

C fuckin' T!

Anonymous said...

Something out of the ordinary is going on with Axl Rose and to say that about Axl suggests there is really something out of the ordinary happening.

What goes through the mind of an individual who has for the better part of the last twelve years worked on a project that seemingly was a labour of love, enlist top talent (both artistically and technically) and disappear from the face of the earth weeks before its release never to resurface?

Are these the actions of a man who believes in his work? Who is proud of his work? Who is interested in the commercial success of his work? Are these the actions of a man that cares what people think of his work?

Axl Rose’s behaviour throughout the entire Chinese Democracy process defies logic, historical precedence and any resemblance to sane artist/label traditional relationships.

Maybe that’s the point.

Kurt Cobain once said that “Axl Rose” has been played before, meaning he’s unoriginal in his behaviour and presumably his artistic output. He was wrong on both counts.

If Axl Rose is anything it’s original. Regardless of what one thinks of him be it a scared man, a childish brat or a maverick rebel one thing is for sure he does what he wants when he wants period. Never in the history of recorded music has an artist been able to do what Axl Rose has accomplished and that is give the vampiric music industry the biggest “FUCK YOU” it has ever witnessed. Clearly the man will not be contained and tow the company line. Clearly Axl Rose will not fall in line. Clearly Axl Rose will not peddle his creation because label wants him to. As far as he’s concerned his job is done. He delivered what the label wanted and that’s a compact disc.

Would I have wanted a “traditional” roll out for Chinese Democracy (meaning interviews, videos, magazine covers etc),…maybe. You know what’s more fun? Thinking Axl Rose dosen’t give a fuck about anything (especially the label) because if Chinese Democracy’s release actually went smoothly wouldn’t that just fly in the face of what is everything Axl/GN’R which is chaos.

I was actually expecting Chinese Democracy and Axl to have a smooth roll out. Videos, interviews, media attention , magazine covers and I thought why did I think that? When has anything Axl or GN’R gone smooth in over a decade? Never!

This Chinese Democracy release is a disaster by ANYONE ELSE’s standards but by Axl’s it’s par for the course and for that reason Axl Rose and Chinese Democracy’s release has been genius!! It’s part of the reason we all love him and stuck with Axl/GN’R over VR in the first place.

He is chaos personified.

C fuckin' T!

lectible said...

C fuckin' T, I get what you are saying. That may in fact be Axls' appeal. The problem is 99.9% of the population doesn't see the positives YOU are seeing here! Being a rebel alone ain't gonna get Axl too far. People want good new music right now! Yeah, he's peaked peoples interest, but 15 years of silence is the complete opposite of 'Chaos' to me. He 'Better' keep peaking peoples interests with MORE new good music in the near future or his appeal is gonna dry up real fuckin' fast.

Also, there is no Axl/GnR verses VR. It's all just a piece to the puzzle. Honestly, I don't think Axl is the best piece. He is just the piece with the irreplaceable Voice.

Axl chose musicians who could sound somewhat like Izzy & Slash. While Izzy & Slash have just done their own thing the last 15 years. So.. yeah 'Chinese Democracy' does sound more like GnR than anything we've ever heard before. Still... you know damn well it's missing something. The other pieces to the puzzle!!

Mack Arillo said...

Thanks, C.T.!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack!

I'm looking for these Guns N' Roses unrelased or concert version songs and covers. If you have some in good quality, please give me links to download them.

Just Another Sunday
Crash Diet
Heartbreak Hotel
Ain't Goin' Down
Bring It Back Home
Sentimental Movie
Night Crawler
It Tastes Good, Don't It?
Too Much Too Soon
You Shook Me
Come Together
Goodnight Today
Sorry I Ruined The Show
Dead Flowers
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Honk Tonk Woman

Some of them sounds nice on YouTube, but I believe that you as GN'R fan have better ones. ;)
I would be greatefull.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for me too.

Guns & Roses/Hollywood Rose songs:
That Something
Killing Time
Indiana Ain't My Kinda Town
Cold Hard Cash
Back And Forth Again

And less wanted for me:
Stairway to Heaven
Rock and Roll
Let It Be
Wild Horses
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Roadhouse Blues

We are an American band (I don't konw what it propertly is)

Anonymous Hunter

Mack Arillo said...

re: gn'r unreleased and hollywood rose demos

I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

To Mack: No, Thank you man!!

To: Lectible

Axl being rebellious may appeal to kids but not someone my age (37 years old), in fact if anything it's a detractor. I didn't mean to imply that him being rebellious is an appealling trait, for perhaps they way you may have taken it to be. His rebellious acts that I fib=nd appealing are NOT the late concert showings, the bad behaviour while on tour etc.... It's the obvious contempt he has for conformity, record label buisness traditions and the status quo. It's clear he will not conform and sometimes (maybe often) the fans get the short end of the stick because of that attitude. Me, as a fan, I'm OK with that becuase I believe as fans we ultimately benefit from that attitude because we (eventually) get honest and sincere music. And really isn't that what it's ALL about? Isn't that the ultimate prize? We, as fans, know for a fact that we are getting Axl's vision (good or bad) it's pure! In a musical age of prefabricated pop acts, bullying record labels, record companies being run by lawyers and accountants instead of musicians and artists, an age where the ONLY thing that matters is sales and creativity means nothing, instead of a healthy balance of both. In this age Axl Rose is a breath of fucking fresh air! I don't give a shit that he's not going around whoring himself on MTV, Rolling Stone and their ilk because the label wants him to and because this album is 15 years + in the making! Fuck that! Fuck all that! Axl is staying true to himself and his art whether we agree with or condone his actons is irrelevant. What's important is that he's being true to himself and that's all we should ask of our artists.

Ask most of the popular artists of any decade and see what type of compromising and whoreing and more compromising they've done tp get on top or stay on top , it'd be frightening.

Not Axl, the personification of real and true Rock N' Roll attitude. Rock N' Roll's purest message has always been "Fuck You" and the whole Chinese Democracy process has been one big "Fuck You".

C fuckin' T

lectible said...

C.T., I probably did take a couple things you wrote the wrong way originally so thanks for clarifying exactly what you were saying better. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with being 'real' & sticking to your beliefs, 'not selling out' or however you want to word it. That's always been one of GnR's major appeals - being REAL. In fact the original band did benefit from Axl's sort of quote/unquote 'bad attitude.' Anyway, I hope something not just out of the ordinary but something truly extraordinary is going on with Axl! Something we'd never expect & don't have to hear rumours about for 15 years before it actually happens. Hopefully he just remains active as a musician/ singer/ performer from now on because I think music lovers in general (especially ones like me who think music [meaning: 'popular music'] has went down the tubes over the last 10 years or so.) Someone needs to give music a major kick in the fuckin' ass. Axl may in fact be the perfect person capable of doing it. I dunno?!