Saturday, December 13, 2008

Axl Speaks Again

"Dexter" aka Axl Rose surfaced again today to chat with his fans.

This time he was interviewed by the fans over at

I think that this is a really, really cool and classy move by Axl Rose. Going to straight to his fans and engaging with them on their home turf without having to leave the comfort of his.

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. I know I've been a harsh critic of A. Rose sometimes, so I just want to acknowledge him here for giving the fans what they really wanted for Christmas - Chinese Democracy, and three (so far) live chats with his biggest fans.

Thanks Axl - you've really done right by your fans this time.

Here's a very brief excerpt of today's chat.
Q: Hey Axl, thanks for bringing us so many special moments, like this… Now I’ll start with 2 easy questions:

-When did you start the recording of your voice for CD and when did it end and which was the last song recorded?

-Are you here to promote the album, or do you really care about your fan base?

Axl: I’ll have to think about the 1st bit. W/the second I’m not sure how much this is promoting the album as it’s in our own backyard so to speak but it is talking with fans about some of the realities of Guns or myself which whether I’ve wanted to or not didn’t feel right until now. So I’d say it’s about us!! [ thumbs up smiley face]

Q: Axl, there’s a list of rumored song titles. Can you tell us which ones are bogus and which ones are real?

Axl: Ides Of March, Oklahoma, Atlas Shrugged, Oh My God, Silkworms , Down By The Ocean (Izzy), Leave Me Alone, Seven , The General , Thyme , Quick Song , Zodiac Most all titles subject to change w/out warning and r considered working titles.

No plans on tour setlist as of now.

Q: -has anything disney ever inspired you musically? like the little mermaid score or something? are you a fan of the little mermaid? whats your favorite disney animated film?

-did you do a song with eazy-e in the early 90’s i read it somewhere, i think it would be pretty cool did you hang out with eazy-e ever? what was a cool moment hanging out with n.w.a.?

Axl: I don’t know about musically but I’m pro Disney. Go about once a year or so. Went w/Bucket a lot. It’s nice to go somewhere where people allow themselves to be more in touch with a more innocent side of themselves at least for what seems like the most part.

He recorded w/Slash and Duff. He really wanted to attack the media over attacking me for One in a Million. There wasn’t really any Easy on it. I wasn’t there. He gave me the tape to consider. Sounded a bit like the other guys doing Bodycount. The idea was ok but the track wasn’t really there and I felt it would get more heat than the track could stand up to. Only hung a couple times after a show with any of them. Was glad I got to meet Easy.
You can read the recap here, or check out the original thread here.

Once again, thanks Ax.

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