Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yet Another Marc Canter Interview

Every time Marc Canter is interviewed about his phenomenal book, Reckless Road, there is another new photo or tiny tidbit worth quoting here. Above is today's new photo, and below is a short quote.
Rick: I'd imagine there were times when the group or their fans were full of surprises, both on and off stage. What are a couple of the most outrageous or hilarious things that you experienced?

Marc: I saw Axl defend himself from a big guy on speed. The guy was swinging a drum stand at Axl's head, apparently intent on killing him. Axl ended up taking that guy down.

As far as on stage, the Street Scene, Sept. 28,1985, was a free outdoor show and Guns N' Roses was opening up for Social Distortion. The whole show was running three hours late. The punks were getting restless, when out come these guys on stage with Les Paul's and dressed like the New York Dolls. The punks were spitting and throwing food at Guns N' Roses!

After three songs the crowd was won over, because the group handled the stage like a stadium band. Before that gig they had only played for a hundred people. That night there were around three thousand people in the audience.

Rick: Slash seems to be heavy into work and always on the move musically or into a slug of projects, endorsement deals. He doesn't seem to be a guy who stands in one spot for too long. What keeps him always pushing forward?

Marc: Slash has always worked hard for his music. He never stops. Now he has two kids to help take care of, but he still works around the clock. I don't know how he does it!

Rick: Do you have a "Guns N' Roses at 50," book planned a few years out?

Marc: Those guys are true rockers and I'm sure they will rock until they die.
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