Friday, December 12, 2008

Steven Adler to Appear in Court Today

Steven Adler is scheduled to appear in court today to determine if he is eligible for drug treatment instead of jail.

Adler is planning to star in "Sober Living," the "Celebrity Rehab" spin off, in 2009.

He also hopes to tour with his band, "Adler's Appetite," starting in January.

According to the web site of the Key Club in Hollywood, California, "Adler's Appetite w/ very special guests!" will perform there on January 17, 2009.

Adler was arrested in Los Angeles on July 18, after someone called police to report he was causing a disturbance.

Adler was charged with possession of narcotics, being under the influence and having an outstanding warrant for his arrest on an earlier infraction.

He appeared this year on the reality television show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" during an earlier attempt to get off drugs.

Adler's Appetite Tour Dates:

December, 26 2008 10:00 PM - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA

January, 17 2009 10:00 PM - The Key Club, West Hollywood, CA

February, 28 2009 10:00 PM - Brixton South Bay, Redondo Beach, CA

July, 11 2009 08:00 PM - Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV



Anonymous said...

So what happened to Steven today?

Anonymous said...

I actually think this guy is the pits. Who wants to see a dummy throw up? He should be locked away!! Why would I want to watch a person incapable of standing up try to perform on any stage? That Sober House crap is stupid too. I hope he did not get let back onto that show but if he did, it just shows how innane the both of them are. A show an a person for addicts!!

Gerardo Perez said...

Cool, good rock idols!