Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fortus Says GN'R Tour to Span 2 Years

Pale Divine to reunite in St. Louis on December 29. Fortus also hints at Guns N’ Roses return to the city.

This Monday St. Louis fans will witness a one-night reunion of Pale Divine, aka The Eyes, a mega-popular STL alt-rock act that broke through nationally in the early '90s.

The original four members - vocalist Michael Schaerer, guitarist Richard Fortus, bass player Dan Angenend Jr. and drummer Greg Miller - will take The Pageant's stage at 8PM Monday, December 29, after not playing together for 17 years.

But the coming year or two with another band will keep Fortus busy and traveling, as he has been a rhythm and sometime lead guitarist with Guns N' Roses.

GN'R fans will be opening up the gift of the long-awaited Chinese Democracy release today, and Fortus can be heard on some of the album's cuts.

A legendary story in the world of rock was birthed on July 2, 1991, when Axl Rose stormed off the stage at Riverport Amphitheater, ticked at a photog snapping pics of him in the audience. The fans there rioted, causing loads of damage to the then-new venue.

STL fans of GN'R since have known a chance of Rose's return to the Gateway City was seemingly impossible. In fact, Fortus and Rose have a little joke about it.

"There has been talk of us doing a Love tour, a tour of all the cities where there have been riots, and doing free shows," Fortus said in a recent telephone interview. "That might happen."

The guitar player would love to do a St. Louis date, so his parents don't have to drive to Chicago or Kansas City to see him on stage with Rose and Co. Regardless, he said, late March should bring the GN'R tour, which likely will last at least two years.

For now, Fortus fans can check out The Pageant gig and can buy a limited-to-1,000-edition box set with two DVDs of live concert and interview footage and a CD with unreleased tracks, some of which would have been part of Pale Divine's second Atlantic album.

"The bulk of the second DVD is the last show we did before we went to L.A. to record the record," bass player Angenend said. "It was definitely a peak of performance for us."

Visit to order the DVD/CD set or visit for more information on the Dec. 29 concert.

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Anonymous said...

2 yrs... hmm, maybe they visit Poland. Poznań, Warszawa, Chorzów, Kraków are opened for you, guys! :)

Anonymous said...

thas very exciting, but i think ill waith until I hear it from the horse himself, misser axl rose