Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SexTapes Gives Gift of Music

SexTapes Gives Gift of Music During Difficult Holidays

My favorite Xmas gifts were the records i received when I was young, i remember the year, the songs, and most importantly, when i hear that music today, i remember exactly how I was FEELING at that time. Oddly, I don’t remember most other gifts thru the years! selective memory i guess. We hope to share that same experience with others.

To ease gift giving during this recession holiday season, we are offering free downloads of SexTapes™ MP3’s from our new album! For a limited time you can download these five MP3 tracks simply by clicking on the links below*. Offer ends midnight, January 2nd, 2009, so download yours today!

All you need is Love, Love, Love - Love is all you need, Love is all you need -a wise man, wiser than me, once said

Spread the word, Love -chris

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Frippery said...

Eat your heart out King Crimson!