Friday, December 19, 2008

Who Plays the Guitar Solos?

CHINESE DEMOCRACY - Robin Finck, Buckethead
BETTER - Buckethead, Robin Finck
STREET OF DREAMS - Robin Finck, Buckethead
IF THE WORLD - Buckethead
THERE WAS A TIME - Robin Finck, Buckethead
CATCHER IN THE RYE - Bumblefoot, Robin Finck, Bumblefoot
SCRAPED - Bumblefoot, Buckethead
RIAD N THE BEDOUINS - Bumblefoot, Buckethead
SORRY - Buckethead
IRS - Robin Finck, Buckethead
MADAGASCAR - Buckethead
THIS I LOVE - Robin Finck
PROSTITUTE - Buckethead

My favorite guitar solos are Bucket's on "If the World," "Sorry" and "There Was a Time" and Robin's on "Better," "Street of Dreams" and "There Was a Time."

I never knew that I was a Buckethead fan until I read the credits for this record!


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Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely fascinated with TWAT. Really. It's a brutal song both lyrically and musically speaking. Robin Finck and Buckethead have credits for it, but how can i tell which solo is whose?

Fav solos:
#1"There was a time";
#2 "Magascar"
#3 "This i love"
#4 "IRS"

..."If the world", dude: still can't hear the song. Can't stand it, really.


Mack Arillo said...

"There Was a Time"

There are 2 guitar solos at the end of the song. Finck plays the first one - it's slow and melodic, then they sing the chorus again and Buckethead plays the manic one that closes the track.

Jiang said...

Mack, you really should check out 'Electric Tears' and 'Giant Robot' by Buckethead. They are both incredilbe guitar albums.

Great site!

Liam said...

I totaly 100% agree with you with your favorite solos in chinese democracy... just wanted to tell you that ;)

Indcore said...

Just saw Buckethead live about a month ago and it is still being talked about...incredible show and I think he is my favourite guitar player ever! I also love the fact that he doesn't play the rock star even though there are few out there worthy of carrying his guitar never mind trying to match chops with him. Also got a really cool lizard mask from him which is my favourite concert memento ever - very cool! As for Chinese Democracy I love every second of it. Yes Axhole's a douchebag whiny bitch but give him credit for rounding up the best talent on the planet and making a record that is more interesting and that I don't tire of nearly as fast as other G n R stuff. The guitar's are tasty and I love the variety!

Anonymous said...

Does someone knows which rythm guitarist plays each song ? (Tobias ? Fortus ?). Same question for the drummers (Brain ? Ferrer ?).

Mick said...

Robin's solo on This I Love ... sublime, sends shivers up my spine, in the top 10 greatest solos of all time IMO which is a pretty damn valid opinion as I've been playing myself for over 45 years. I must get around to learning this solo note for note (not normal for me as I'm lazy and usually resort to my own awesomeness for solos ;) lol)