Monday, December 1, 2008

GN'R Reunion Tour 2009?

>> Guns N' Reunion <<
Can Chinese Democracy heal band's rift?

Now Chinese Democracy has finally been released, the whispers around Guns N' Roses are about a reunion tour next year.

The proper band.

Which would mean Axl and Slash back together.

First look, this seems unlikely.

Axl's paranoia about Slash back in the 1990s got so bad he thought Slash was a kind of "psychic vampire", sucking all the creativity out of him, and refused to be in the same building as him.

One rumour was that when Rose's old management company, Sanctuary Records, moved their offices from Santa Monica to West Hollywood, Axl was livid as his office was now close to Slash's.

Yet GN'R watchers have started to lay shorter odds on a tour taking place.

Rose is now under the guidance of uber-manager Irving Azoff, and we're told that Azoff has made progress at persuading Axl that a reformed band would be the right way to showcase his genius.

There's so much money at stake it's in everyone's interests to talk Rose round.



dilligaf said...

cant see it happening until all the chinese democracy recordings (70 - 100 songs?) are released. think it will happen eventually though

Mack Arillo said...

Dilligaf, buddy, do you REALLY think Ax has even 50 more songs in the can?

Omar said...

Unless everybody who knows Axl is lying - then yes - Axl has a LOT of songs 'in the can' - more or less - I'm hoping the release of Chinese Democracy means we'll be hearing much more from Axl soon.

As for a re-union - I wouldn't even want one. Given what Axl's done without them and what they've done without him, I no longer see the others as pivotal. Although I'd like to see some Axl/Izzy song-writing. But overall - I find the directions Axl takes much more interesting than anything they've done without him - he not only owns the Gn'R name, but I justly think it does belong to him.

dilligaf said...

yeah i definately think there are plenty more songs in the can. big question is what stage of recording they are at. obviously not all the songs will make the cut, but i am very optimistic about another two albums, one next october perhaps?