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Guns N' Roses Reunion ... 2006?

For those of you who think Axl would never consider a reunion...

June 29, 2006:
Despite Slash recently claiming that he is at a loss as to where the Guns N' Roses reunion rumors are coming from, it seems that they continue to slowly gain momentum.

As was reported a little while back there was considerable talk suggesting that the so called 'classic' GNR lineup was to play last months' Download Festival in the UK, which of course, didn't happen.

The current incarnation of the band, however, did play, and after battling through some sound issues were joined onstage by original Gun Izzy Stradlin for ripping renditions of "Think About You, Smoke on the Water/Patience, Nightrain, Used to Love Her, and, of course, Paradise City. Izzy's appearance wasn't a great surprise as the guitarist did join the band on stage for their comeback shows at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York in May, but he has continued to consistently appear throughout this leg of the European tour, a site that must surely warm the hearts of the still considerable GNR faithful.

However, according to Classic Rock magazine, via a GNR insider, recent attempts were indeed made by Axl Rose to reform the original band for shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, and then again for the Download Festival at Donnington Park. The magazine also reported that both were allegedly to be filmed and released on DVD with an accompanying live album to mark the 20th anniversary of the band forming. As the story goes, all parties were interested until the fine print of the contracts were examined.

Apparently, despite the shows and the potential earning power of the subsequent CD/DVD sales, in agreeing to the terms and conditions, each member then agrees that all rights to the entire Guns N' Roses back catalogue would henceforth transfer to Axl.

Needless to stay, negotiations stalled, but rumors persist that the lads will play the Hammersmith in the English summer and that there will be a live album preceding the eventual release of Chinese Democracy.

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Anonymous said...

Dude...even if we consider this to be true: as usual, Axl is making propositions on his own terms; as usual, the other guys are dying to get some of the magic back at least for a specific period of time, but having some dignity on the profit outcome issue, of course.

One more thing: there are few things in the world that I wanted more than this - even short in time - reunion. But i see a lot of obstacles in the way. As i've mentioned before: if Axl gets izzy, the rest will follow, i'm sure.