Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Stripes on Conan

The White Stripes Reunion.

Since I'd be adding nothing new to the public discourse by saying that this performance "sucked," I'll instead try to think of something more charitable to say.

The White Stripes have always been "weird," and this performance has done nothing to tarnish that legacy.

They played their most famous song and instead of taking the easy route, they played an almost unrecognizable (ala Dylan) version.

As for Jack White "crying?" I just don't know. Was that for real?


Brandonio! said...

It sucked was right! Jack needs to ditch his sister plug in his guitar, rock out with a proper band.He needs to stick to good rock songs with weird guitar noises,but he probably won't.He'll become one of those really talented people who throw it away going in the wrong direction getting all sappy.Just wait and see.Mark my words!

Mack Arillo said...

You've heard the 2 Raconteurs albums, right?

On those discs White is a one-man Page/Plant, howling and wailing with both his guitar and his voice.

They are both still in heavy rotation in my house/vehicle.

The Conan performance was a one-off I assure you.