Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gone Dead Train

My engine was pumpin steam
And I was ridin at you hard and fast
I was burnin down the rails, tryin to heat the way
Haulin ass and ridin up the track
And laughing at the conductor
Who was tellin me my coal, would never last

But when the fire in my boiler
Up and quit before I came
Ain't no empty cellar
It's a gone dead train

Once was at a time when I could
Mama shake em dry
Waitin at the station
With a heavy loaded sack
Savin up and holdin just to spill
Shootin my supply through my demon's eye
Instead of holdin for the time, I hope I will

Yeah it's a gone dead train
You got to help me to learn
Gone dead train
You got teach it to learn

There ain't no easy way
When your daily runs a downhill pull
And there ain't no easy day
Wishin for some jelly roll hole
Ain't no switch been made
To make your juicy lemon find
A spring to run a dry well full

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