Friday, September 12, 2008

On Down The Road - Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin, On Down The Road (Japan 2002)

Izzy Stradlin: Guitar, Vocals
Rick Richards: Guitar, Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass
Taz Bentley: Drums
Ian "Mac" McLagan: Keyboards

The Songs:

"You Betcha" - A quick and humorous little breakup song. Not quite as tongue-in-cheek as "Used to Love Her" or "You Ain't the First," but I love how he says
"Bye bye you betcha, so long
Bye bye you betcha, don't call"
"Gone Dead Train" - This is a pretty cool song, too. The song barrells along (like a train) until it gets to the line: "gone ... ... dead ... train" and then it dies. I love it.

"Monkeys" - I'm still not really sure what this song is about. I guess it's a "drug song." I dunno. The guitar solo in the middle is good, but too short. The guitar solo at the end kicks ass though (before it fades out).

"On Down The Road" - I don't know why this is the title track as it's one of the weaker songs on the disc. It is saved by a great chorus, but the rest of it is a little dull. If this song was slowed down a little I could imagine it being a lost Grateful Dead track. I think Iz must have been depressed when he wrote this album. Lyrically hee seems very disillusioned.

"Sweet Caress" - I really, really love this song. I've embedded the video here for you so you can judge for yourself.

"Coke'n" - This is my favorite song. Definitely more Grateful Dead than Guns N' Roses. Pretty much a perfect track. What can I say? I can't "do" cocaine anymore, so at least I can "listen" to it.

Embedded below is a video that I made for "Coke'n."

"Got Some News" - This one is just Izzy and an acoustic guitar - nothin' else. It's probably a demo that Iz just decided to leave 'as-is.' A sad little 'breakup' song.

"Way To Go" - Could've been on Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds. Classic Izzy (The Stones/Faces).

"Please Go Home" - From the Stones' album, Flowers, "Please Go Home" features the famous Bo Diddley Beat and some more 'kiss-off' lyrics.
"I don't want to be on my own
Cause I can't talk much better alone
But I don't have to ring like a phone
Won't you please go home"
"Lot To Learn" - Is this song about Axl?
"Ya go paranoid
Try'na take my coin
Fuckin' up the deal
Makin' it unreal

Yeah you've got ta lotta learn
But ya never gonna get it from me
Yeah you've got ta lotta learn
Guess ya bit off more than your piece"
Probably not. I guess it could be about any fucker (male or female) that crossed Izzy. Like I've said before - this is definitely Izzy's angriest record. I'd be curious as to what was going on with Iz's personal life back in 2002.

Anyway, "Lot to Learn" is a blistering track. Richards absolutely tears up the middle and outro solos and the Izzy's vocals are raw and nasty.

In short, On Down the Road is one of Izzy's better albums - unfortunately it's still pretty hard to find in it's entirety.

The last time I checked - iTunes was selling an 8-song version - but I've been told that even that collection is unavailable sometimes.

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