Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Running with this Rumor

I would like to pass on the following info.

Today at the Best Buy media holiday kickoff event in Dallas TX, it was apparently announced that the Best Buy exclusive release was official!

The deal was done within the last 48 hours. GN'R management was on hand,(Azoff or Gould, apparently an english man) they played the group three songs, Chinese Democracy and two others.

I wasn't there, so I couldn't confirm which songs. But management stated one song would play for the credit roll in the new DiCaprio flick Body of Lies.

The album will be released on November 25th - only at Best Buy.


Oh ... and check out the music at the end of this video, embedded below.

Kind of sounds like Bucket and Brain, doesn't it?

***EDIT*** According to a Best Buy employee, Guns N' Roses co-manager Andy Gould introduced "If the World" as a song to be played during the credits of the new Leo Dicaprio and Russell Crowe film, Body of Lies.


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Ana Martins said...

mack, you gotta stop with the artwork for Chinese Democracy STAT! ;)

take care

Mack Arillo said...

I ... can't ... stop.

Anonymous said...

chinese democracy changes:

* Axl sings a high harmony over the chorus at the start "it donttt really matter"
*Intro has added percussion plus more whispered voices

* Rons frettless guitar continues to play the riff during the verses...rough and sleazy

*Axl sings the part during the verse up an octave in the high raspy voice with the low part underneath.

*changes the lyrics at the end of the tune

"when they all reach out for your help"

SOUNDS FUCKING KILLER..even though shit quality recording...badass!..


the body of lies thing is indeed true.

*The song starts off with a more stop start rhythm...different intro etc.

*New vocal track for entire tune...much stronger vocals...more rasp...

*the LA LA DAH DAH section has all the bass frequencies cut out of it to make it stronger when it hits the verse again...(balls are stomped on)

*more lead guitar lines during the verses...(new parts)

Leaks from meeting with Best Buy appear in the Net. Three GN'R songs : "Chinese Democracy", "If the world" and "T.W.A.T" was recorded on a mobile phone (possibly) or something like that. Those motherfuckers who heard them said that there is a difference beetwen songs we've already listened to and "upcoming material".
Best Buy agents did sign up a contract with GN'R to distribute "Chinese Democracy" but Axl Rose&Co. will have their song in next film this time "Body of Lies"...