Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bach: "I Never Booked These Shows"

Sebastian Bach has stepped into the row over a string of shows in Canada which were allegedly cancelled - insisting he was never booked to play the dates.

The singer was recently reported to have scrapped a series of gigs in Canada next month, including a concert in Vancouver on October 30th.

Bach is adamant that although he was considering a Canadian tour, none of the bookings were ever confirmed.

He writes on his MySpace page, "I do not ever cancel any shows. I have no idea why any of these shows went on sale. I never announced them on my site because they were never confirmed. We wanted to do the tour, we were gonna do the tour, but the offers that we got made it impossible for us to actually do the tour. No show or tour was ever cancelled - because no show or tour was ever booked! I have no clue why any of these shows went on sale, but there are no shows at all planned at this time."

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