Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rock 'n' Roll Train

It's a great single.

It really is. It's a song made for the jukeboxes.

But, ultimately, AC/DC will only win the Bronze this Fall.

They're not covering any new ground, and if Black Ice sounds as much like Back in Black as I think it will, then it begs the question: Why not just listen to Back in Black?

My answer to that is that is that at least Black Ice is NEW.

Anyway, let's not OVERANALYZE this thing. It's AC/DC after all. You know, the bad that brought you "Big Balls."

Yes, it's the same 3 chords as all their other songs. Yes, the lyrics are about "rocking." But like I said, it's still a great single to listen to at the pub.

-Mack Arillo

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