Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slash Still Working on Solo Project

Slash recently told Rolling Stone that working on his forthcoming solo album has been “cathartic” because “I’m totally on my own. A buddy of mine has got a mini-studio in his house and we stay until two or three in the morning just recording the basic demos,” he says. “I’m used to a band situation where I’m one fifth of the input no matter who brought the song or whatever it is. Every band I’ve ever been in we all just sort of tear it apart, put it back together, and it comes out however it comes out. This is interesting for me because I’m just doing my thing and I have no one to answer to.”

Eventually, Slash will bring in different singers for every song, though he won’t name names. “There’s a wish list and so far I’ve managed to get pretty much everybody on that wish list to commit,” he says. “At the pace the Velvet singer search is going I’ll probably get this done before then.”

Until then, you can amuse yourself by watching this video for "Neither Can I" from Slash's Snakepit.


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