Thursday, September 18, 2008

Girl Loves Distortion - Earth Beings on Exhibit

"Could you be more original?"

With their debut album, Earth Beings on Exhibit, Girl Loves Distortion has managed to accomplish quite a feat.

The band is impossible to pigeon-hole.

The've managed to create music that has a wide appeal - without sounding wartered-down.

Once someone says: "they sound like this band or that band," they've taken something away from the music. With that in mind, I won't be comparing them to any bands you've heard - but if you really want to check out their influences - they list them on the bio pages of their website.

As I've said before, their sound is a fusion of everything that is good about rock today.

The band consists of Jenn Izza (percussion, vocals) Steven Rubin (bass, guitar, organ, vocals) and Chris (guitar, bass, organ, vocals).

If you're ever in the DC area you should catch one of their heroic live shows - they're known for being as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

The album is mixed really well - with the guitars LOUD (the way they should be).

The album opens with "Transition and Resistance." Right away the fuzzy guitars kick you in the face and the band does the loud-quiet-loud thing just right. They say if you want to be a great writer you need to read alot - well, the same goes for making great records - you better listen to alot of them - and these 3 have.

The second cut is "Luminance (We Don't Dance)." This song has everything. It starts off with a killer bass hook and some deep vocals. Throw in some talkbox guitar and you've got a song that feeds your head but also makes you shake your hips.

But, it's "Shock to the System" that's my favorite track on the album. It's glorious. A triumph.

You can buy (and listen to) the album here.

Girl Loves Distortion

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23/7 said...

well done!
i too just posted a review of the GLD cd

found your site thru a link on the Etxe Records site....