Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Even Duff Has His Own Blog Now

Score one for The Seattle Weekly.

Duff is now writing a weekly blog for the 'Reverb' section of their website.
"Duff McKagan, formerly of Guns N' Roses, plays bass in Velvet Revolver. His column appears every Thursday on Reverb."
Here's just a sample of the kind of prose you can expect from Mr. McKagan (the coolest guy on the planet).
I was fortunate enough in my teens to see the Clash on their first U.S. theater tour. This was before the major recognition they received on the London Calling record, but they were still larger than life to me and truly exotic.

If the term ‘rock star’ could have been used at any time in my youth-driven lingo, it would have been then and it would have described the true awe that I felt of being in the same room as these erstwhile trend setters.

About 200 people showed up at the Paramount in Seattle to see this gig and it was, simply put, mind-blowing. During the show, a big yellow-shirted security guy up front punched a fan and broke his nose. Blood was everywhere. The Clash stopped the show.

Bassist Paul Simonen appeared from the wings of stage right wielding a firefighter’s axe that he must have plucked from the wall. He jumped down in the pit and proceeded to chop down the wooden barrier separating the fans from the band while guitarist Joe Strummer dressed down the security gorilla and went on further to say that there was no difference between the fans and the bands…"we are all in this together!

There is no such thing as a Rock Star, just musicians and listeners!" That moment remains static in my mind to this day.
Duff's Weekly Blog

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