Saturday, February 28, 2009

What do you want to be?

Sour, this affliction
If it was me I'd have it fixed
And with everywhere you've been
You're much too old to be so naive

So what the hell do you want to be
Following the trends that never end
I can't stand the parties you attend
So what the hell do you want with me

Oh, you're so underground
Oh, ain't that swell
Well the word is on the street
You're collecting sympathy and
then you hide
And ya ain't been out in days
Will the sunshine burn your face
Preserve your precious skin
I'll go out, you stay in

Please don't feed the pigeons
Out of the same sad bag of tricks
I've heard it all a million times
You make me sicker than
the wine you drink

So if you think I need some help
Climb out of your own shell
It'll make you think


bandonox said...

great fucking record....
lyrics are a tad more telling than i thought years ago, bro....

Anonymous said...

i truly, truly disagree. Slash's snakepit's "It's five o' clock somewhere" is fairly good enough record, with the only interest of it being slash without a leash. Eric Dover has a tad nice voice, but where is he today? The best part of the record is Mike Inez. Well there's a HELL OF A BASS PLAYER!
This particular song has its only assett on biographical reasons. Other than that, poor lyrics (as usual in slash) and that's it.

Exfoliating Gloves said...

lyrics are a tad more telling than i thought years ago, bro