Monday, March 2, 2009

Kanye West: "I Love Tenacious D"

Kanye West’s VH1 Storytellers premiered this Saturday.

The idea behind Storytellers, is that the artist gets to perform their songs, and explain the meanings behind them.

Kanye didn't disappoint. His performances were inspired, and his explanations were ... well, what you'd expect from Kanye West.

During "Amazing," he named people that he found amazing. Michael Phelps, Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson.

During "Robocop" he said "I really like that part of the album where I said 'that was a good one - your first good one in a while.' Because I love Tenacious D and I listen to them all the time, and I felt like that was the closest I got to a real 'Jack Black Moment.'"

You spoiled little LA girl
You're just an LA girl

Oh you're kidding me
You must be joking
Or you are smoking
Oh you're kidding me
Ha ha that was a good one
Your first good one in a while

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Brandonio! said...

You just lost cool points for even including this wanker at this site.This guy is one of the biggest whiners in music history.Who gives a flying fuck if he likes Tenacious D?What a freakin' joke!Really give us a break!