Thursday, March 5, 2009

Win a Trip to See Guns N' Roses Live

Canadian Sports Station, TSN, is giving away a trip to see Guns N' Roses perform live "SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD."

You can enter the contest here.


superman said...

Gotta be Canadian to enter, man that bites.

dilligaf said...

well on an unrelated note, saw nine inch nails in perth on monday, bloody amazing, so much energy. robins performance was unreal,and would be greatly missed if he was no longer with gnr.
also read an interview he did whilst in aus, mentioning how he loves the creative input he is allowed in NIN, despite nin having 1 main member. shame he is not afforded the same luxury in gnr.

Mack Arillo said...

dilligaf - I'm so jealous.
I hear that NIN has been putting on some amazing shows.
I definitely count my self as a Robin Finck supporter.
Thanks for your input.