Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slash and Steven Adler Recording Together

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Brandon Marshall: So you have a new incarnation of Adler's Appetite, how has the new line-up been working out?

Steven Adler: It's been going great! I have Alex Grossi on guitar, Michael Thomas on lead guitar, Sheldon Tarsha singing and Chip Z'nuff from E'nuff Z'nuff on bass. In the past seven years this is who I have from different line-up changes. Everyone is having a great time.

Q: Now in 2005, Adler's Appetite recorded an EP with original material, do you have any plans on going into the studio and recording a full length album?

A: Absolutely! Next week (First week in April 2009), once we finish this tour up, I am going to go home for a few days and just sleep. We have done 22 shows so I am going to sleep for a few days, then I am going to have a couple meetings with Slash. I have been working with Slash. I am producing a record and playing on it of course, so that will be in a week or two that we finish with this (the final date on the tour).

Q: Is that going to be Slash's solo record?

A: No, that is going to be my record, but I am going to play a song on Slash's solo record too, so I will be doing some recording with him on that but he is going to be producing my record.

Q: Now are you going to have any guest appearances on your record?

A: Of course, we want eight cover songs. With each song we do we want at least one person who played on the original version to play on my record. I am thinking about changing the name to Adlers GN'R too because you cannot copyright the letters. I am 1/5 of the band just like he is 1/5 of the band (Axl Rose). At least I'm out their playing the songs people want to hear.

Q: So, this is not going to be just a regular recording, it is going to have everyone on it?

A: Yeah, I want to do it old school with a two inch tape and not with computers. I want an old sound, not perfect and crispy. I do not want to take away the magic of the songs that I redo. Nowadays, people go into the studio and record a song, the drummer will play 30 seconds of the beat and type the rest of it in on a computer. I want it all real, that's how we did Appetite, it was done in one take. It was anything goes, whatever happens, happens.

Q: The last time I did an interview with you, I had asked you about the new Guns N' Roses line up and you said that "there is no new Guns N' Roses" Do you still feel the same way and have you heard Chinese Democracy yet?

A: Yeah, Axl should have named the bad W.A.R for W. Axl Rose and I think that would have been much better.

Q: Axl Rose did a recent interview with Del James and when asked about a Guns N' Roses reunion, Axl gave a reason for not considering it and listed why involving every former member. Axl said "Steven [Adler] brings assorted ambulance-chasing attorneys and the nightmare of his mother. One gig, or even a couple songs, could mean years of behind-the-scenes legal aftermath." What is your response to that?

A: I do not know why he would say that. My mother thing is over and I do not know why he is still going on with that. Now that I'm back in control and have power of attorney, I don't know why he would say ambulance chaser. I don't get it.

Q: I have been watching you on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, was a lot of the footage taken out of context?

A: They had to, there was ten cameras, filming 24 hours a day and they gotta take that film and cut it up into a one hour show for each one. It was crazy, I would turn the light off in the bathroom because I thought they had a camera in there. That was how crazy it was, but it was the best thing I ever did. It really was a great experience, and I am still working with Dr. Drew and Dr. Sophia. They are great friends of mine now and have been really great to me.

Q: Did you watch the show when it aired and was it tough to see yourself in that kind of shape?

A: Yeah, it was on like three times a day so I would see some of it sometimes. I hated seeing that girl, whatever her name was, dial 911 and call the police on me. I am just watching my life change when she was dialing 911 to have me arrested, that really sucked. Otherwise, it was great people, and I had a great experience. It helped me and I have been sober.

Q: Do you still keep in contact with anyone from the show?

A: Not really, I do with Jeff Conaway and Gary Busey. I just saw Sean Stewart in New York, so it was nice to see him.

Q: We really appreciate your time and is there anything you would like to add?

A: Come check out my MySpace and click on my friends list.

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Anonymous said...

I guess Adler gets the fact that the reunion isn't going happen. A few weeks ago he loved Axl, now he is going to name his band GNR to show that he is pissed off.