Monday, March 16, 2009

Tony Montana's Velvet Revolver Audition

Say hello to my little friend.

Tony Montana is the lead singer of the Huntington Beach, California based band, Inanna's Brother.



Anonymous said...

OK, here's my opinion.

New singer can't be too much similar to Scott Weiland.

So far, when they audition singer and he is singing Guns 'N Roses song at the moment, they compare him with Axl and searching for somebody like he. When singer is singing Velvet song they wants he sounds like Scott.

Oh, I would like to hear them in "November Rain", "Civil War", "Yesterday" or "Don't Cry". These songs shows how good singer is.

I think new frontman should have an original voice, but it should be more like Axl. He should has
hoarse voice, can sing high part. Not like Scott. Weiland sings voice wich is "tired". New voice must be fresh.

In my opinion Tony Montana is the best so far. He's even better than Gord Prior.

Anonymous said...

Wow... And he doesn't look lika a gay.

lizzie2506 said...

Who's singing backup vocals here? Duff? Tony? It doesn't sound like the Duff/Izzy studio verison. I like this guy, but I gotta think he isn't the guy if it's already leaked, although nobody's denied it yet.

Mack Arillo said...

No! None of the leaked guys are "the one."

The leaks are all by the also-rans.

Sorry if that was unclear.

Anonymous said...

Shit! I thought that they could show singers who wouldnt be choose and then would join somebody else who nobody thought about.

Shit. His "Paradise City" is the best performance I've ever heard apart from Axl of course.