Monday, March 9, 2009

Velvet Revolver Demos with Gord Prior

This is Velvet Revover unreleased material with Gord Prior on vocals.

Gord Prior was sent the music for these songs, "Mutha Fucka" and "Clappy," from Velvet Revolver and asked to collaborate with the band. He was sent the music only and he wrote all of the vocal melodies, words and vocal arrangements.

That these demos leaked, tells me that Prior is not the one, and the band is that much closer to announcing their new singer.


lizzie2506 said...
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lizzie2506 said...

I'm with you, man. I think if he were "the one" then both he and the band would have done a better job to make sure these weren't leaked.

Looking forward to a harder sound from the band, more Contraband than Libertad. Read an interview with Scott in "Revolver" this weekend. He was pretty magnanimous about the breakup, even though he kind of called out Matt and called him "The King of Hollywood."

He seems like a pretty good guy when he's not f-ed up. Kind of like how Axl seems like a pretty good guy unless he's off his meds or he's talking about Slash.

bandonox said...

not bad... but doubtful.. unless it was it intentionally leaked to gauge the potential response

Anonymous said...

Check out new album from Gord Prior.
It rocks!