Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Izzy Stradlin Friday Again

Spazed in a time zone
Of light and darkness
Here I've known
I feel quite happy in this place

Float into sky tones
Of blue and white
And ends unknown
I feel quite happy in this place

I hear someboday calling
Off in the distance yelling


Hitchhike to star planes
Of gas and lights and colored rings
Just floating out there
In the maze

No going home zone
No twisted signs of lives we've known
I see the colored earth below

1 comment:

Brandonio! said...

I love that song.Lectible is a super huge fan of Izzy,and kinda looks just like him just so know.I could show you pictures,but I don't he wants people to know what he looks like.He has family that lives real close to Izzy's family in Layfette too.STRANGE BUT TRUE.