Tuesday, March 10, 2009

VR Singer Update

Velvet Revolver singer update
Management says "Gord Prior isn't the guy"
by Joe Bosso

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Artist Management, which represents Velvet Revolver, has shot down Internet rumors that VR had picked Gord Prior, a singer with a Canadian-based band called Blu Bones, as its new lead singer.

"Gord Prior isn't the new guy," the spokesperson told Music Radar. "In fact, no decision has been made as to who the singer is."

According to management, Prior was sent tapes of two new Velvet Revolver instrumental tracks and asked to write words and melodies and to then sing over the music.

"But he's just one of numerous singers that tapes went out to," says the spokesperson. "Gord submitted his demos just like everybody else. He wasn't even asked to come in and do a formal audition. I don't know why these videos get out there, but that's just the nature of the Internet."

There's been little news out of the Velvet Revolver camp lately regarding a new singer for the band, although auditions have reportedly been ongoing.

Bassist Duff McKagan told The Pulse of Radio last month that the group has been a little frustrated with the submissions they've gotten and even wondered if they would ever find the right guy. But McKagan also said that things have recently taken a positive turn. "In the last, I would say, about eight weeks, we got three guys in that were all really good — like, far and above, more fitting than the rest," he said. "So I can say this much: we're headed in a very positive direction, and you might be hearing something soon."

Velvet Revolver has been searching for a new vocalist since dismissing Scott Weiland last April.

Although several names have been rumored online, the only singer known to have auditioned with the band is ex-Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon.

Velvet Revolver also parted ways with RCA Records late last year and has not announced a new deal yet.
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