Friday, March 26, 2010

Axl Checks In

On Friday 26th March 2010, @axlrose said:

Headed 4 Lima! Was great gettin' back 2 Buenos Aires!! The crowds everywhere on this tour r unique un2 themselves. Don't get much rowdier or energetic than here n' as w/ Belo Horizonte n' Santiago etc. very humbling. Sure there's excited idiots who throw shit or whatever but 4 the most part the fans r so enthusiastic, positive n' we mean so much 2 them it sets u bk n' makes u work hard to feel u can earn a small part of the respect they show u. So many of these shows we have trouble w/r sound on stage to b able to hear 'cuz the audience is singing along so loud which is amazing!!

It's also nice to visit places that aren't as jaded n' influenced by peer pressure or media nonsense. They know what they like n' stand up 4 it rather than b told what they should n' shouldn't b in2. I grew up w/the preppies n' jocks w/their pink Izod's where Bowie, Cooper, Zeppelin etc. were considered garbage n' when The Cars, The Police, The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols etc were "gay", whatever.

South American fans have always been so good to us, I'm happy we were able to find a way to play for those we've been fortunate enough to have seen so far!! Obrigado, Gracias n' Thank You!! N' to the officials who gave us extra time in Buenos Aires a triple Thank You!! Peace!!


Anonymous said...

I didnt like CD(i'm not saying its a bad record, just not my style, i hate that axl uses the name, etc. But i was decided to give it a shot yesterday when they played here in Lima.
I went to the concert and waited for 3 and a half hours til axl showed up. And man i felt completely dissapointed. They absolutely destroyed Mr. Brownstone, search for some videos and you'll see. They botched the intro of YCBM, Live and let die wasn't well done, and it seemed that Ashba was trying really hard to be slash(cigarrete, hat, his pose when he played, etc)
And axl's voice couldnt be heard during the whole fucking concert, the sound mix was horrible. And i just felt like, wow, did i really pay to see that? I was there just to see axl, the frontman of my favourite band.Tickets were really expensive: from $30 to almost $240. And you could see people were only excited to hear SCOM, KOHD,WTTJ,PC, and patience. I definitely wouldn pay to see them again.
I dont know what people think, because outside of the boards i dont know absolutely no one who thinks or seems this as Guns N Roses. Even yesterday nobody even fucking cheered when axl presented the band. And on the boards it seems as it was it was this huge comercial succes which is not, people seem to be living in their own little world.
I dont know.

Anonymous said...

I share some part of your concerns. I think we are all trying to face the obvious and keep going: guns n' roses is over (as weird as it sounds, i think axl was the 1st to acknowledge that). We try to keep pace with the guys that made part of the magical formula. Truth is no one individually is making any better than what they were as gnr.

.Axl is trying, but with no real management, of course this mammoth is having logistic/sound problems. I think CD is a good record, but of course it cannot be compared to AFD or UYI. It's not better or worse, the comparison cannot be made. But listen to CD, Shackler's Revenge, IRS, Madagascar and it can all be a UYI song.

.Duff and Izzy chose mental stability and health and having a life. I respect that and i support them. But i don't have any of their albums on repeat.

.Slash chose the path of the 6th and counting version of slash's snakepit. I'm sorry, VR equals slither and the rest are fillers. I see everyone having orgasms with the release of the new album as new songs are streamed, but for instance, the supposedly genius "by the word" is nothing but slash playing lead guitar with wolfmother. which is good, but not great.

we all have to come to terms that it is over and we cannot still be making comparisons where there aren't any.

Comparing either Axl, Slash, Duff or Izzy to what they once were is checking the reality of life: their peak is gone, the rest (21st century) is survival for them.

And about the boards? Forget it. They are all afraid of what axl thinks. They can't say something went wrong, when maybe he even knows that he did. I don't do boards, i tend to find the comments there brainless and useless.

I'm sorry for my bluntness. I rather listen to the music and keep rooting that these 4 guys keep living and staying healthy.


LOLGregOden said...

CD is a wonderful record. Flawed, messy, but that's how Axl is. Catcher in the Rye, for example, stacks up with any song GNR has ever done. Lyrically, it's arguably his best.

Slash, on the other hand, is embarrassing himself.