Thursday, March 4, 2010

Slash Solo Album Interview: The Track-By-Track Guide

In Slash's own words. You can read the whole thing here at
"I’m like a music whore. I wanna go out and fuck everybody."

If you want to hear the Slash solo album first, 7 April will see Classic Rock magazine’s special Classic Rock Presents Slash fan pack released. This will feature a 132-page deluxe edition of the magazine along with a limited edition poster, patch and CD containing all 14 album tracks plus two special bonus cuts.

That’s right, we said all 14 LP tracks. In addition to the tracklisting reported previously, another song featuring Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy entitled "Back From Cali" has been squeezed in at the last minute. So if you order the Classic Rock Presents Slash fan pack, you now get 16 songs in total.
Read Slash's track-by-track guide of his entire album here at


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Slash's record!!

bandonox said...

your sneak attack was so sneaky.. i never noticed it...haha

Mack Arillo said...

I know. I suck.

bandonox said...

No.. You sir, are a ninja