Friday, December 24, 2010


010 confirmed again that GNR are a far cry from the iconic rockers they once were. Axl Rose and his hired clowns arrived late for their Reading Festival appearance. When organisers pulled the plug on their performance because they over-ran, paranoid big baby Axl staged a sit-in and slated organisers. Their arena tour also started late. Apparently Axl needs a nap before shows these days. Bring back Slash and Duff.

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Anonymous said...

and 010 confirmed yet again most part of british media are scum. But hey, what to expect from tabloids like the Daily Star?

Go fuck yourselves. And work for paid blow jobs, honey. 'Cause you're sure not gonna make it as "journalists".


ps: mack,as much as I love your sense of equity,if you're going to post unfavourable "reviews", please do it with the ones who point out and stress music instead of stereotyped bullshit such as this one. Just a thought and a plead from a fan from your blog :) have a nice xmas