Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chuck Klosterman - Downtown Owl

Pop culture icon, Chuck Klosterman has just completed his first ever fully fictional novel, Downtown Owl.

If you haven't read any of his previous work, I suggest that you begin at the beginning with Fargo Rock City.

Chuck is often spot-on, and always funny, with his dissection of popular culture and especially music.

A short excerpt from his new work follows.

Downtown Owl is due in stores in September.
September 26,1983 (Julia)

"You're probably one of those Led Zeppelin people. Guys like Zeppelin."
"No, they were gay."
"What?" said Julia. "You thought Led Zeppelin was gay? Weren't they, like, sex fiends?"
"Their singer always seemed gay to me," said Vance. "I haven't listened to that shit since ninth grade."
"How about Fleetwood Mac?" she asked.
"I don't like female singers."
"The Eagles?"
"Nobody listens to the Eagles."
"Quiet Riot?"
"That trash is for dope addicts and twelve-year-olds."
"Van Halen?"
"Mother of God," said Vance. "That clown is even gayer than the queer from Zeppelin. Plus, their guitar player is boring. Why would I want to listen to a guitar that sounds like a police siren?"
"I'm running out of possibilities," she said. "How about... oh! I know: ELO? I love ELO. You better not say anything bad about ELO!"
"They're like a combination of the dullest parts of the Beatles with the gayest parts of Led Zeppelin."
"This is crazy," Julia said. "I don't think I believe what you are saying. I don't think any person could hold such opinions. Do you at least appreciate music that's made by people who aren't in the Rolling Stones? Do you appreciate Bruce Springsteen?"
"He seems like an asshole."
"Oh, he does not."
"He tries too hard," said Vance. "He's needy. He needs people to like him. It's undignified."

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