Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who's in the Band? When's the Album Coming Out?

Following the arrest of Blogger Kevin "Skwerl" Cogill, Guns N' Roses new spokesperson, Larry Solters updated their website with the following (as usual) vague missive.
"Guns N' Roses representatives have been made aware of the arrests and are leaving the matter to the authorities."

Awesome Update on the Website You Assholes.

I've got just two questions for you.

1. Who's in the band?

2. When's the album coming out?

Maybe you can have the FBI look into it.



Ana Martins said...

Hey, do you actually think it's up for management/representatives to do anything about it? They're just stating the obvious. And if you mean they should have kept their mouth shut and focus on delivering the album, i agree with you.

By the way: thank you for your blog. It has become a daily need for me :)

Mack Arillo said...

Thank you for your kind words, Ana.

re: management:

if they can't bother to tell us who's in the band and when the album's coming out, then why bother to tell us that they're 'aware' of a blogger's arrest?

whos's in the band? when's the album coming out?