Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sit Tight

GN’R and all parties involved in the release of Chinese Democracy are silent because Harmonix have exclusivity deals relating to "Shackler’s Revenge." Any comment/confirmation of the supposed leaking of this song would in no way benefit any of the parties involved. Period.

Harmonix have a lot riding on Rock Band 2 and having the first official release of GN’R since November of 1999 is a big selling point. If GN’R confirms or denies the leak they will directly and negatively impact profitability of Rock Band 2 and the integrity of the contract they’ve signed with Harmonix. Having already partially profited from the deal with Harmonix, it would be inappropriate to potentially harm sales of the game by confirming that a free leaked version could be obtained from the internet. Keep in mind, Harmonix have worked very hard to keep up their end of the deal.

So whether to address the recent leak, and identify if it is or isn’t "Shackler’s Revenge" ... simple solution: pre-order Rock Band 2, and you’ll be the first person guaranteed to have a finished, polished version of the song Axl intended for you to hear as an introduction to the imminent release of Chinese Democracy.

Sit tight, I think you will all be pleasantly surprised in the coming months.


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MSL said...


the events of the last week have really changed the GNR landscape when it comes to the hoarding of information and material. the more fernando attacked me, the more people i had emailing in to say that they'd received songs from him in the past. the more azoff threatened journalists, the more people i had emailing in with stories their editors were prohibiting them from writing.

i've had to sit on this story a day or two longer than i would have liked as it took quite a bit of time to double source the facts. however, after speaking to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, mistersaintlaurent.com is pleased to report the following:

the current intended release date for CHINESE DEMOCRACY is november 25, 2008. it is azoff's strong preference that the release be done through best buy and not wal-mart. i've been told his reasoning is two-fold. #1, azoff's goal is to be able to create future bidding wars between the two retail giants for his other acts and feels best buy will lose interest in these type of promotions if they always lose out to wal-mart. #2, if he goes with wal-mart, he has to convince axl to swap a couple of tracks from volume 1 with tracks from the other volumes to avoid the dreaded parental advisory warning.

i was also told that the story was leaked by azoff to put pressure on best buy to up their offer and close the deal. it's no coincidence that this story hit right before wal-mart's AC/DC deal was finally publically announced. it is azoff's hope that fear of ending up with egg on their face will force best buy to roll out the red carpet in every imaginable way for chinese democracy.

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