Thursday, November 19, 2009

More "Spies"

Today's update comes courtesy of DJ Will (KNAC) who posted this on the Metal Sludge Gossip boards. The info comes via Rancid Punks over at MyGNR
"I'm shocked this guy brought a camera & reported anything ... after the head production manager made two announcemets ... No Cameras!

I was there one night and it was pretty cool I must say.

No Axl of course.

Well, without giving away the full set (I promised Del!), they did a complete run through of about 17-18 songs for about a week. Lots of visuals that complement each track - pyro, spots,etc. Nice lighting truss design plus a fucking bad ass re-working of a theme song that leads into "Live & Let Die" written by Richard Fortus. Overall well done.

I loved "Shackler's Revenge," "Better," "Prostitute" & "Rocket Queen" live.

FYI: That middle ramp/riser has Axl's grand piano under it for quick access."
Thanks to Rancid Punks and DJ Will for this sneak peak into what is shaping up to be a "monumental" stage show.


Anonymous said...

Good news, but the "No Axl at rehearsal part" bothers me. I'm starting to wonder what does he want to do as a musician...he obviously doesn't like (or can't afford to) touring; he obviously doesn't like to do collective record sessions at studios. Does he even enjoy the creative process?
My theory (no matter how stupid) is that writing and composing are primarly his outlet of whatever is going on in his mind. But hey, maybe only Axl knows, or maybe not even Axl himself knows.

Still crossing my fingers that Canada can happen!


Carolina said...

Who cares why Axl's not part of the rehearsal! He never did before and he kill on stage!!! Can't wait for the 2010 tour

Ali said...

Axl has never rehearsed with the band. Not now, not ever. He spoke about that at the HOB 01-01-01 show. This is not news.

djwill said...

Hello and FOR THE RECORD....

Feel I must clear the air a bit because of all the GNR Boards including this one discussing the rehearsals that cut & pasted my comments from Sludge on the heels of the initial one. I made the mistake of putting a positive spin replying to a post there about how great I thought the band sounded the night I saw them. I am NOT a "spy"or a reporter nor did I intend for my post(s) to provide some official "sneak peek"of whats to come..couldnt be further from the truth, but I see that it came off that way.
I was a guest who was given great hospitality by the GNR camp. Nothing more. Nothing less.

A few things I stated were inaccurate anyway so please know that my brief "review" shouldnt be taken as 100% gospel in the first place. Its rehearsal for a reason. Things change.

I look forward to seeing GNR kick ass live like the next person so please decide for yourselves especially those who'll get to see them next month and in the new year.

Thank you for reading.