Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slash's "Sahara" and "Paradise City"

"One of the benefits of being the Music Director of WAAF, is hearing new music WAY before anyone else! Today I got a chance to hear some of the new Slash album that will be released in March of 2010.

We should have the new single (which is going to feature Ozzy on lead vocals) in January!

This song was AWESOME!

And, the lyrics are going to piss off Axl & Black Sabbath!"
[Mistress Carrie]

According to Reckless Road author Marc Canter, "The song sounds like the 1972 Ozzy and it's heavy!"

Thanks to Blabbermouth


Katya said...

Wow, I'm actually a little breakpointed--but only a bit. Sahara sounds like a typical B'z song with Slash's solo just kind of thrown in. Tak Matsumoto could have just has easily done it and it would be another B'z single...

That being said, the solo is fantastic and that's all I need. This baby's going to be stuck on heavy rotation in my playlist.

As for Paradise City, I actually kinda like it until Fergie sings.

Anonymous said...

Well, 1st off let me just say how happy i am that slash found a way to keep making music.
That being said, my comments on the 2 tracks:

1) Sahara is a good wink at the Asian market. I agree with Katya, slash's solos aside, it's a pretty basic song. No lyrics i could decipher, so i can't really comment on any writting quality. I'm suspecting, however, that this was a Jacko kind of thing for slash: cut a few solos and gain momentum in Asia. (Ei, Perla, it looks like u r going to buy a new(er) house!)

2) Paradise City: I tend to find that SOME PARTICULAR SONGS are kind of sacred. Wasn't too enthusiastic about the prospect of having Fergie on the track, and it's kind of ironic that in order to find a singer that can do a high pitch like axl, it had to be a female singer. Here are your troubles again, Slash: Fergie is clearly outplaced. Cypress Hill, however, was a great idea and it would be way lot better to leave the track just with them. Again, similar to "Rock Supastar", they were creative and nailed a new format for Paradise City.

So, all in all, Slash wants to resurface using a song whose rights also belong to him, but pretty incoherent with "leaving gn'r behind". About Sahara...have no will whatsoever to listen to it again.

Good 2 have you back, Slash!


Katya said...

Anonymous -- lyric wise they're genius, but that's pretty much only because Koshi is kind of known to be the king of poetry. I'll offer up a translation if you guys want once I have time enough to bang out a rough copy of it and I get the actual lyrics instead of going on hearsay.

Mack Arillo said...

Thanks Katya - that would be great.


Katya said...

Looks like I didn't have to do anything.


Better than I could have done, anyway.

Anonymous said...

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Nizart said...

To join Katya, it sounded to me like another single from B'z no upcoming album Magic : basic riffs and killer solos. What I don't appreciate is Josh Freese's work on drums. A lot of drummers could've made it sound much better than that.

Anyway here's the stupid question of the day for you Katya : How come you speak Japanese ? ^^