Monday, November 2, 2009

Slash Can Stand Under Rihanna's Um-ber-ella

(Slash & MJ photo via

I guess she figures: "Why put Richard Fortus on your record, when you can just use the 'real deal?'"

Music producer BigChris Flores released some great news via Twitter! Looks like Rihanna is taking her rock edge to a new level by working with rock royalty.

The music producer updated his Twitter with the following messages:

- Got L.A. Reid coming to the studio with Slash today, to lay guitars on a new Rihanna song.

- Session with Slash for Rihanna went great.


Slash contributes guitar to the appropriately titled "Rockstar 101."

In the video below, Slash talks about his collaboration with Japanese Singer Koshi Inaba (thanks Blabbermouth).


Anonymous said...

yeah, it's quite right, if he plays MJ he can play Nicole whoever and he can play Fergie. So why stop the pop now?
More and more disapppointed at slash...
(and the joke with Richard Fortus? completely uncalled for...)
ps: i always hated this photo. when i read slash's autobiography, it came even more clear to me why i should hate it.

Anonymous said...

ass. ard

Mack Arillo said...

So, when Fortus plays with Rihanna it's OK, but when Slash does it, it's disappointing? Am I correct?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Fortus played for Rhianna.
Either way, yes, it is disapointing, Mack. One could even dwell on what Slash means (meant?) for hard rock/heavy metal and what Fortus means as a - let's face it -a hired hand. But to cut a long story short: yes, IMO it is disappointing for both of them to play with these pop singer/artists/performers/dummies/plastic figures.
Why on earth is slash/fortus not looking to play with Thom York or Vedder or Edward Droste? Or, in case he needed a female singer, why not Shirley Manson from Garbage? Or Skin from Skunk Anansie? Each and everyone of them would wipe off the likes of Fergie, Nicole or Rhianna. Ohhh, i get it: the first don't bend over on vids like the latter...

Really, do they need all this hype to revive their careers?...

Katya said...

Woh cares about who Slash should and shouldn't collaborate with? He's his own guy. Pretty sure if he didn't want to do it he would say know.

I'm more psyched about Koshi fucking Inaba. Real thing shakes me like a rain in the storm, goddamn.

Anonymous said...

Why do people get all bent out of shape over who Slash works with? He has a long history of working with pop stars and there isn't anything wrong with it. I don't care for him, but it has nothing to do with the people he works with. I do agree that the Fortus comment was a bit disappointing. I don't see why anyone who has worked with Axl has to be compared to Slash.

Mack Arillo said...

Richard Fortus is Rihanna's touring guitarist.

If he continues to tour with her he will hold the distinction of covering Slash's material in two separate bands.

Surely, this is worth a mention.