Friday, November 20, 2009


From DJ Will:

Hello and FOR THE RECORD....

Feel I must clear the air a bit because of all the GNR Boards including this one discussing the rehearsals that cut & pasted my comments from Sludge on the heels of the initial one. I made the mistake of putting a positive spin replying to a post there about how great I thought the band sounded the night I saw them. I am NOT a "spy"or a reporter nor did I intend for my post(s) to provide some official "sneak peek"of whats to come..couldnt be further from the truth, but I see that it came off that way.
I was a guest who was given great hospitality by the GNR camp. Nothing more. Nothing less.

A few things I stated were inaccurate anyway so please know that my brief "review" shouldnt be taken as 100% gospel in the first place. Its rehearsal for a reason. Things change.

I look forward to seeing GNR kick ass live like the next person so please decide for yourselves especially those who'll get to see them next month and in the new year.

Thank you for reading.



Anonymous said...

lol think he's figured out he was set up yet?

Anonymous said...

woow that guy must really fear Axl... and Axl as always acting like mafia: intimidation, conspiracy, top secret ... oh please is just Rock n' Roll man..take it easy.


djwill said...

Nice try Woverine7...but I'm intimidated & fear NO ONE. My post was lifted from another site & used inapproprietely.

Didnt care for that since the band/personnel are good friends and was invited as a guest not as a "spy" or "report" to anyone or anywhere.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, peace!

We all love GNR is just sometimes it gets very weird beyond the music, wich i think must be the main subject.