Friday, April 18, 2008

How GN'R Fans Challenged Axl Rose

About a month ago, two executives at Cadbury Schweppes were playing Guitar Hero III at work and began pondering how cool it would be if Axl Rose finally got off his ass and released Guns N' Roses' long-awaited, 14-years-in-the-making album Chinese Democracy.

Greg Artkop and Sean Gleason had a eureka moment playing Guitar Hero III.

"It would be great if Chinese Democracy came out," Sean Gleason, senior VP of the brand action team at Cadbury Schweppes, told his gaming partner, Greg Artkop, Cadbury's director of corporate communications, who told Mr. Gleason he could find some tracks online. But that wasn't good enough. Mr. Gleason wanted the whole album, and that's when the light went on and he had the idea of trying to coax Axl into finally finishing it.

"We thought we actually could do something about it, and we talked to some folks and said, Why don't we see if we could goad him into releasing the album by getting more and more people demanding it?" he said.

You can read the entire article here.

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