Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slash Sets the Record Straight

Guitar World spoke exclusively with Slash in New York on April 17, while he was in town to perform a benefit show with Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell and Perry Farrell.

The guitarist discussed Velvet Revolver’s split with singer Scott Weiland:

“We had gotten to that point where we were resigned to the fact that we weren’t going to be working with Scott anymore, even before we left for the last leg of the tour,” says Slash.

“So when he said all that stuff onstage we were sort of surprised. Because we had no intention of breaking the band up. It might have been the last show for him, but it wasn’t the last show for Velvet Revolver."

On the fact that Weiland released a statement alleging “certain individuals” were singing along with him onstage:

“Scott was under the impression that our drum tech was singing during the set, which was why he walked offstage at that show. We convinced him that wasn’t happening, but then the next night he said that Matt was doing it. He was firmly convinced that was happening, which it wasn’t.”

On the future:

“We’ve been writing, and there will be a new album. I’ve been recording some stuff at home, and I know that Duff has gone over to Matt’s to work on things. We also have a bunch of stuff we’ve jammed on at soundchecks. We’ll get together sometime soon and begin laying stuff down.”

Source: Guitar World

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