Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jack Black = Elvis

Roger Daltrey of The Who has compared Jack Black to Elvis Presley.

Daltrey noted that the onstage enthusiasm Black displays with his satirical band Tenacious D reminded him of the rock 'n' roll legend.

The veteran frontman believes actor Black made the wrong career move and "should've been a rock star".

He told the Associated Press: "When you look at Jack Black, whatever he's doing... it just always reminds me of that first initial feeling I had when I heard Elvis Presley singing 'Heartbreak Hotel'."

Daltrey also stated that he was a fan of The Fratellis, Razorlight and Amy Winehouse, though he was "bored" of listening to her album Back To Black.

You can watch Tenacious D perform "Squeezebox" at the VH1 Rock Honors here.

Source: Digital Spy

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